Triphala Herbal

             What is Triphala ? Triphala is one of the traditional Thai medicine. Though many Thai will not recognize its name but for traditional Thai medicine doctor and India medicine science doctor is well-known for ages that helps balancing our 4 human element , safe ,non toxic effect. Moreover it can helps natural detoxing ( excrement system ),especially gastrointestinal ,hematologic , lymphatic system
          Triphala means as it name, “ Tri “ = 3 (three) , “Phala” = fruit (unit) , Triphala = 3 fruit unit ,containing of ( Myrobalan Wood, Beleric myrobalan, Emblic Myrabolan)

Myrobalan Wood

                         Scientific name : Terminaha chebula Retz
                   Specie : COMBRETACEAE

                   Majorly contain “ Tannin “ chemical which use for astringent, colic relief , tonic , sore throat mouth watch , reactivate lymph, laxative , inflame wound, inner heat and gas bleeding ,nourishing body parts 
                    And because of its famous on “ detoxing “ chemical , Some of Indian use it for help digesting problem, skin treatment , cardiac disease , inner wound , flatulence , vomit and hemorrhoids
In India , frequency use for treatment of gastrointestinal ,hematologic , lymphatic system, parasite disease, cardiac problem , diabetes and hemorrhoid. Also effective on anti virus including HIV , anti=oxidant and promote liver activity of reduce serum lipid

Beleric myrobalan

                         Scientific name : Terminalia belerica (Gaertn) Roxb
                    Specie : COMBRETACEAE

      Beleric myrobalanis a middle big evergreen plants , it bear fruit similar to papaya ,size averagely 1.5-2 cm width , 2.5-3 cm long ,pentagon shape with brown hairy skin. Its fruit flavor is sour and acerbity. Effective on laxative , relief hemorrhoid ,eye inflame , phlegm and fever

Emblic Myrabolan

                        Scientific name : Phyllanthus emblica Linn
                   Specie : EUPHORBIACEAE

                   One of a standing timber ,mostly found in Southeast Asia ( Red forest area) , that bear fruit rounding shape ,average diameter size 2 cm with brown rough cover. Once peel off ,will found a yellow sticky and durable fruit with brown seed inside. Harvesting should consider a big dry fruit without any stalk attaching. To eat, mostly use older age fruit which give acerbity flavor as cough syrup. Research also found that it contain high rate of Vitamin C , help preventing cancer , and detoxing lead
According to traditional medicine book, use a dry old skin  of its stem to grind it to
powder size and put it over fresh wound or contuse. Or use fresh leaf to boil in a water and drink it for relief edema symptom , boiled leaf also can apply to fresh would, lymph  and dermatitis. Fruit can use for treatment medicine to relieve such a cough , thirst ,  fever, uroschesis , stomatorrhagia gingiva rum. Fresh up feeling would effect after took it.

             Also if grind a dry old fruit to powder size and then dissolve with clean water for drink will help gonorrhea ,miscarry,diarrhea, dysentery, jaundice and macrocytic anemia.
              Moreover its root can be boiled in a clean water to helps leprosy, high blood  high blood pressure , diarrhea